You Are Greatness

“I breathe in all the greatness the universe has for me”

The power of an Almighty Affirmation:

Affirmations are useful and effective tools for you to improve productivity, improve self-esteem, control negative emotions and for reprogramming your mind into believing the goals you want to create.  They will inspire you daily and are especially effective when utilized in conjunction with visualization.  The longer you employ them, the more effective results you achieve.

 How to use an Affirmation:

1. Say it Out Loud (as many times as you want) – Something about engaging your hearing along with your thinking reinforces the process.  For my most important affirmations. I create an alarm on my cell phone that at regularly scheduled intervals pops up with the affirmation. I read it, then I say it out loud as I tap it in using the Emotional Freedom Technique.

2. Repetition – The more you say an affirmation, the deeper it goes into every cell in your body and ultimately, the more your conscious and subconscious mind will believe it.  It’s creating powerful positive self-talk.

3. Say it with Feeling – Research indicates that affirmations are most effective when thought or said with strong emotions attached.  It is somewhat akin to the opposite of PTSD, when a high emotion negative event gets imprinted on your brain.  In this instance you are imprinting your brain repeatedly with a positive emotional experience.  It has significant effects…so choose your affirmations to create the life you desire.

Create Your Own Affirmations:

1. Use the First Person – Always say your affirmations in the present tense.  Speak about yourself as opposed to something generally outside of you. Ex: Instead of saying “Energy is generated when you exercise” say “I have boundless     amounts of energy all the time.”

2. Use the Present Tense – You want your affirmation to be in the here and now.  Your mind believes you, so make your affirmation as if it already is in existence. Ex:  Instead of saying “I will be thin when I eat healthy food,” say this,     “My body is thin.  I eat only healthy food that nourishes my body.” 

3. Use the Positive ONLY – Research has shown that the mind actually eliminates the words like ‘no’ and ‘not’ when it hears a sentence, so when you say “I will not be late anymore’ your mind hears “I will be late.”  Therefore, it is crucial to always frame your affirmations as a positive.  Ex: “All of my bills are paid in full and on time this month and every month.”

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