How to sit properly in meditation

Watch this video and learn how to stack your spine so your body can effortlessly sit in comfort. click and learn

The primary goal of meditation is to allow the energy to flow easily up and down your spine. To accomplish this, the best position is a sitting one.

Sitting sounds pretty easy. We all do this throughout our day. Yogis can sit for hours and hours and hours and hours in stillness without moving in their meditation posture.

Can you sit that long, in the way that you sit?

You hear a lot about meditation these days especially because a lot of famous people, actors and high powered business executives have come out and publicly and “confessed” to having been meditators for years. It’s as if meditation has become hip and chic. Yet, meditation is an ancient art.

After you watch this video, you will be armed and ready to tap in to your higher wisdom.

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