Who are you – Truly?

Your job is what you DO, it is not who you ARE.

Don’t fall into the trap of defining yourself by what you do, because if that has to change, you will find yourself in an identity crisis.  Then what?  If you lose your job, or your children grow up and move away, does who you ARE change?  Or does only what you DO change?  These are important distinctions to make.

Who you are must be defined by that which cannot be changed.  So, in this ever changing world, what on earth would that be?

I believe the person you are on your deepest level is the energy of Love set in combination with all of the other intangible qualities that make who you are unique from all those around you—bottom line.

With that in mind, it is not WHAT you do, it is HOW you do it.  click and learn

Because you are primarily love, then the things that you do, the actions that you take, are simply expressions of Love.  Actions alone are not a complete picture of you.

In my video today, i share a story about a close friend of mine who temporarily lost her identity and then rediscovered who she truly was.  You may find it a good roadmap for discovering who YOU are. Check it out, then tell me in the comments below who YOU are…I want to know.

Discover and fall in love with who you Truly are, your True Self is waiting for you.




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