How your fingertips can change your state of being.

The Incredibly Transformative Power of Tapping is right in your fingertips

When you hear the word “tapping” do you immediately think you are about an old-fashioned dance style?

In today’s parlance, the word “tapping” more commonly refers to a really cool way to self-treat to crete higher levels of health, happiness, abundance and so much more.

Your body is more powerful than you even imagine.  Tapping is a way to remind ourselves that we are energy and love and have the ability for self-healing right at your fingertips, literally.

This is all generally called EFT = Emotional Freed Technique.  It’s a form of psychological acupressure.

There are many different EFT sequences, all of which only take minutes to learn and implement.  It feels good when you do it, and you get results whether using two fingers or many fingers.  Success comes by just doing it.  So, do it!

Watch this video LINK and learn how and where you tap.

What to tap for?  The possibilities for the uses of tapping are vast.

You choose it and you do it.

Some ideas are:

An “I AM” statement or word

I am SafeI am HealthyI am BraveI am StrongI am a Good FriendI am HappyI am LovingI am CaringI am GentleI am FitI am GratefulI am GenerousI am InterestedI am SuccessfulI am Wise

Redirecting negative emotions 

When you tap to redirect a negative emotion, you being by acknowledging it and you end by tapping in your desired result

For Example: round 1:  Even though I am angry at  ______ about ______ and I am so mad that _________, it makes me feel ______

round 2:  I am now peaceful and happy.  I have released that and I still deeply love and completely accept myself.

Creating Goals




For Example:  “Today i eat only healthy foods that nourish my body and create an ideal weight for me.”

It is so easy to get derailed by this busy life.  EFT is a tool you can keep in your pocket to help you stay on track.  If you have friends who could use a little nudge to stay on track too, then by all means make sure they see this.  Inspire our community by commenting below the video and letting us know how you used Tapping…we all need more ideas!

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Tap, Tap, Tapping Together for a better life,


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