Inner Voice: What’s Holding YOU Back?

Are you ready to unlock your habit patterns that are holding you back in life and listen to your inner voice?

I am talking about our old, self-sabotaging patterns that lead us down the rabbit hole of pain and suffering.

There are only four things that you really need to know and understand. Mastering these four things unlocks the binds of this delusional human experience that has such a tight hold on you.

  1.  The World: Things happen out of our control. For example: your fingernails grow, your body digests food, and the sun comes up every morning… We have NOTHING to do with any of it.  It simply just happens.
  2. Your Heart: Your heart feels emotions which are vectors of energy that feel and express themselves. The heart is to feel ALL emotions but NOT attach them to words, experiences and past and future stories. Emotions are simply meant to be felt when they arise in the heart.
  3. Your Mind: It’s an accumulation of your past experiences that you decided to define were experiences that were bad, good, uplifting, fun etc… The mind’s job is to chatter away but it has no relevance to anything UNLESS you decide it does.
  4. YOU: The indwelling being inside who observes it ALL.

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When you attend Source Journey, you get to untangle yourself from the world, your heart and your mind so that you can live your life as the Soul that watches it ALL. When you live in this space, you are TRULY FREE!

Come see and experience it for yourself. The next Source Journey is on October 1st – 7th, 2017 in Idyllwild, CA at a private retreat home.


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