Inner Strength: Ready to change your life in 6 days?

Do you know anyone or are you someone who has done SO MUCH inner work that you feel that you have done it all? Like you’ve given it your all to pull out that INNER STRENGTH and live life to the fullest? YET, inside you still are struggling in certain areas of your life and you can’t figure out WHY?

For example:

  • Attracting dysfunctional partners (romantic, business and friends).
  • Wondering if your living your ‘life’s purpose’.
  • Becoming aware of your inner voice, which is still running old self sabotaging patterns.
  • Loosing your temper and then feeling guilty about it.
  • Still unsatisfied with your current life, yet you feel like you have tried EVERYTHING.

Source Journey is a proven six day training which is an experiential course that works on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. It’s a course that time and time again has proven that the program simply WORKS!

Hear what Source Seminars is about straight from a graduate of the course!

Come see and experience it for yourself.

The next Source Journey is on October 1st – 7th, 2017; In Idyllwild, CA at a private retreat home.


For more information visit our website: or email me at or pick up the phone and lets chat (619) 631-8569.

It’s YOUR Time to Ignite Your Light Within! Call me NOW!

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