True Inner Wisdom is… No Mind, No Problems

Where do your problems that plague your inner wisdom come from? Many may come from…

  • your expectations?
  • your needs, wants and desires?

BUT that is NOT where they originate from.

All problems have one thing in common – they stimulate mental mind chatter, your inner voice.

All problems begin and end in your mind.

Think about it. With no mind, there are no problems.

Most people’s minds are dictating their feelings and behaviors. Consequently, they are suffering in their self-created undesired reality.

When you change your thought, you change your reality nearly in an instant.

Mind games we all play:

I have no energy, I feel like shit. (Over-eating, feeling fat and snuggling with money)  I can’t even get my kids to school and work on time.  If John (husband) tries to talk about money one more time, I swear I am done!

The phone rings, it’s a new client who is ready to sign the deal.  

I’ll be at my office in 30 minutes, sound good to you? Great, see you soon!  

Before you hang up with your new client, you can hardly wait to call John to share the good news and to go celebrate at your favorite restaurant tonight.

You get instantaneous energy. Things are brighter, lighter. You’re excited about sharing the big news with John whom you were 10 seconds before ready to kick to the curb.

Where does this energy come from?

NOT from health food and supplements and healers.

It comes from your THOUGHTS that shifted in your mind.

What would your life look like if you trained your mind so that you became the dictator of your thoughts versus YOUR thoughts dictating YOU.

Watch this clip from one of my courses which will help you begin the training of your thoughts.

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