Put a Stop to Mind Games by Training Your Inner Voice

What if I told you, the removal of your problems is your inner voice.

We all play mind games.  Yet he/she who falls into the trap of their own mind game will suffer the consequences of their game.

You know that voice inside your head that drives you crazy because your teenager is acting like a teenager.

Mind game: “Why does she keep lying to me?  I raised them with honesty and respect… whats the problem?  Does she not like me or trust me?  What did I ever do to her?  She is so spoiled.  You know what… I am taking her phone away.  Actually… I am going on snap chat and finding out the real truth of what happened! I’ll show her what lying does.”

When you get a glimpse of how ridiculous our mind game sounds and wake up to the fact that your voice does NOT have power over you, but that YOU have power over your voice- is when suffering comes to an end.

“Pain is inevitable.  Suffering is optional.”
– Haruki Murakami

How do we end suffering?

Stop playing mind games! Which means, learn how to control your inner voice so it doesn’t control you.

Learn 3 basic steps to put a STOP to your mind games.

  1. Recognition: When you hear your voice, recognize that it is just a voice inside your head. Speak to it like it’s another person, and watch how the voice can support and defend ANY side of your conversation. When you wake-up and realize that you have an inner voice that just chatters, it begins the process of an inner freedom that allows you to STOP acting on what the voice tells you to do. This begins the process of mastery over your mind.
  2. Opposition: Train yourself to say and do the opposite of what the voice tells you to do.  This begins the process of taking the power away from the voice that it has over you.
  3. Breath: When you catch your voice, give yourself permission of 3 breaths.  This creates space so that you can tell the voice what to say or do.

We have been raised to think that we are that voice inside our heads. When we realize that this is NOT true it can be scary and liberating. Because if I am not the voice, then who am I?

You are the witness of the voice which is speaking. This will be covered in blogs to come. Let’s begin with practicing these 3 basic steps.

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