Challenged by How to Properly Meditate and Your Mind is Driving You Crazy?

Happy New Year, 2017 is here! If you find yourself challenged on how to properly meditate, or your mind is driving you crazy, read on!

Don’t you love when you find yourself super happy and unstoppable? Your meditations are deep and connected. You know when those old addictions can’t touch you and nothing can hold you back?

Yet, the very next day, you’re looking in the refrigerator for comfort cake, the bottle of rum to numb your pain or the gym to run away from your problems? And meditation is OUT of the question because your mind has gotten the best of you!

Why do we experience such drastic emotional extremes? There are many different reasons.

Yet, here is the deal. Past memories are similar to old books on our bookshelves. We read them, store them, sometimes re-read them and enjoy the read again and again.

Our past issues are just like those old books on the shelves. We have past traumas, we overcome them, they get stored in us on a cellular level and they wait their time to re-surface to challenge us in order again to keep us growing as a human being.

This 2017, let’s set our new years resolution, yet be aware, as you change and create new habits with your new years resolution, be mindful of those old books that may fall on your head to wake you up and keep you awake. Those books hit you over the head because the universe has your back and knows you’re up for the challenge. They’re gifts for growth.

When an old book falls off that shelf, it falls only for you. Don’t resist it. Begin to train yourself to open your eyes to why that same book keeps hitting you over your head.

Life happens FOR us so that we can experience more happiness, joy, and love. On the other side of delusion, is wakeful consciousness. And that is the truth of who you are!

Wakeful consciousness is a natural occurrence with consistent meditation.

Way back in 1991 and 1996 (26 years ago), I had reconstructive knee surgeries due to soccer injuries which were major, life-changing events for me. Through those knee surgeries, I learned all sorts of life lessons that challenged and changed me. After the painful reconstruction of my knee and all the challenges which were emotional, physical and spiritual, I figured I was done reading those old books!

Yet, a few weeks ago out of nowhere, I re-injured my knee. The ‘knee’ book hit me hard on my head to challenge me again. The injury was physically so intense that I couldn’t put any weight on it at all. Walking was out of the question, sitting with my leg dangling caused pain and laying down hurt as well. WHY? The weirdest thing about this injury was I don’t even know how it happened. The universe handed me an old challenge to see if I really am over those issues from 26 years ago.

Here’s what I found: I had residual emotional and physical scarring, I never fully healed. Therefore, my growth was restricted and now I was ready for the next challenge of growth. Because remember, life happens FOR us and in perfect timing. On a cellular level, I had restriction and on an unconscious, energetic level even more so. That restriction was holding me back from being able to change and level up spiritually, which I was so diligently working on. Yet change is not something that can be pushed.

True lasting change happens in divine order and timing.

In order for me to embrace this change that I was experiencing, I need to release the protection that I built up around me. Again, on a cellular level I was holding on yet even deeper, on an emotional level I found all sorts of areas of my life that I was unconsciously and now consciously protecting.

For example, I was protecting my insecurity of not thinking I was good enough and smart enough. I thought I let all that go but apparently not!

When old issues seem to resurface, which they will, don’t get yourself down. Simply embrace the challenge, see what the lesson is for you this time around and learn the lesson, grow from the lesson and eventually the lesson will soon be gone. Yet, not on your desired terms but on conscious terms, when you’re ready for whatever life is going to hand you next.

Together, let’s make 2017 the best year of our lives and enjoy whatever life hands us no matter what it looks like. Make the commitment to practice daily meditation!

If you need guidance on how to properly meditate, support or simple tools, shoot me an email and I will book a 30-minute session with you to Kick Start Your Meditation.

We know that life happens for us and we must remember that this is all delusion, always. And this delusion of life is set up for each one of us to grow and remember that all we are is consciousness.

kick start your mediation and learn how to properly meditate

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