How to Properly Meditate: with a Monkey Mind

What’s the goal of Meditation?

How many times have you sat down with the intention to have a great meditation and finding your inner wisdom, yet the more you try to focus and clear your thoughts, the more thoughts and distractions pop into your mind and by the end, you feel like your meditation sucked?

This type of meditation experience means the monkey mind had the best of you and if your meditations are like this, it will slowly weaken your will-power and cause restlessness in your life.

Find out more in this video and learn how to properly meditate with a monkey mind.

The goal of meditation is to strengthen your skill of concentration so that you can learn how to intensely focus on The Divine Light that is within you.

Many people feel like meditation is a time to check out of their current reality and go inside, yet if this is done without intention, you can easily fall into the trap of bad meditation habits.

Do you find yourself using meditation as an escape or seeking solutions to miraculously arise from within?  If so, this can lead you to more confusion and personal suffering.

Meditation is a tool to strengthen your will so that you get less pulled into the emotional mayhem of this delusional world.

Why is learning the skill of concentration in meditation so important?

When you have learned the skill of concentration in meditation, you are able to have more control with your inner voice/thoughts, which dictates your attitude; which in turn means less yelling at the kids, more connection at the dinner table and more patience when things don’t go your way. A greater skill of concentration can also help you meditate even in chaotic environments.

How to practice concentration in your meditation?

  • Commit to your meditation time and length that you will practice.  I suggest start slow and finish strong.  (1-5 minutes and build to 10-15 minutes)
  • Commit to sitting still.  Don’t move your body (click here to learn how to sit properly)
  • Focus your mind intensely at the point between your eyebrows for the entire length of your meditation
  • Keep your eyes closed
  • When a thought comes in, focus even more intensely at the point between your eyebrows
  • If needed, repeat an affirmation, example: Repeat “Be” on the Inhale ~ “Still” on the Exhale

Need help with your meditation?

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Kerry Lee

“I will open my heart, through concentration in my meditation which will lead me to Thy Divine Presences.” Kerry Lee Smith


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