How to Properly Meditate: in Chaos

How to Properly Meditate in Chaos is easier than you think. When you have the proper accoutrements and proper posture, ease and grace will flow your way.

One of the most difficult times to meditate is in a chaotic environment. In the video below, you will learn tips and tools that will assist you to go within and shut out all the distractions that are going on around you.

Let’s face it, practice makes up better, so be patient with yourself. Make the most out of your time and meditate the right way.

One of the reasons I emphasize a hat and glasses is so you canhttp:// let go of you inner dialogue that people are staring at you. Truthfully, no one cares anyways.

How to Properly Meditate:

1. Hips slightly above the knees (releases stress on your lower back)

2. Pull your belly in (lengthens your lower back)

3. Lift your chest up (long straight back)

4. Chin parallel to the earth (lengthens back of neck)

5. Focus your gaze at the point between eyebrows (intensifies concentration)

6. Flow your breath in and out (let the breath go and become the witness of it)

7. If there are loud noises (allow yourself to focus beyond the noise)

8. Affirmations (assist you to stay centered and focused on your meditation) Today’s affirmation is Be (on the inhale) Still (on the exhale)

It’s now time for you to dive deep within to your inner stillness that is waiting for you to awaken.

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Love and Light,

Kerry Lee
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