To Cure your Trouble with Sleeping

So many people get in bed at night to fall asleep, yet end up feeling wide awake then rely on that coffee to wake them up plus another one around 3 p.m…. sound familiar?

If you’ve had too many sleepless nights, want to fall asleep faster and wake up refreshed and ready to go…

Watch the video below for your tips to a better night’s sleep.

Sleep Remedy

For your Trouble with Sleeping:

1. Your room needs to be:
Dark — Your body will know it’s time to sleep
Decluttered — Excess cluter adds to restlessness

2. Avoid these foods before bed:

3.No Hot Baths — Your body naturally starts to cool down before bedtime so a hot bath interrupts that process.

4. Imagine — Take your mind on a journey to falling asleep, your imagination will help settle your self talk that keeps you up.

5. Meditation — Meditating is the greatest way to calm the mind and the body in preperation for sleep

Wake up Refreshed

How to Wake up with Energy:

1. Don’t Hit Snooze — When you pop out of bed right away your body will be energzied vs. in a state of relaxation

2. Drink Water — Hydration is most important for your energy and reduces brain fog

3.Breathe Fresh Air — Fresh Air stimulate the nerve endings in your brain and help you feel awake and ready for your day

4. Cold Shower — Cold showers will wake you RIGHT up

5. Meditation — When you meditate your brain lets go of negativite self talk and you become mentaly prepared for your day

Wishing you success with these sleep remedies!

Let me know how they work for you.

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