Predict your Partner’s next move

Has your partner ever just felt OFF? Like they’re  in a bad mood and your not sure what to do?

When the dishes aren’t done or when they  don’t follow through with a promise, do you feel sad or angry?

“Freedom from your emotions or from your repetitive negative thought patterns is possible.”

If you can feel any truth and depth in that statement, then watch below.

I call it coming up and out of your emotional spiral. When you master this, you’ll start predicting your partner’s behavior.

There is a way to get up and out of your struggles. You have to face the emotion and let it flow.

Your heart is to feel. Once you disengage from your internal dialogue you will be able to feel the pure energy of emotion and come return to your nature state of being — JOY.

Then when you start paying attention to what triggers you, you will know what emotion is coming next and you will be able to stop yourself from going into your emotional spiral.

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