4 Stages of Self Development — Bonus Training

Feel like you’re stuck in a rut?

When you work out, do you get annoyed that someone’s in your spot at the gym?

Do you order the same drink at your favorite coffee shop?

Do you get caught in the comfortable?

Feel trapped and want a way out? Watch below.

When you learn these stages you will gain a better understanding of your life, you emotions, your reactions and your triggers.

You will then create stronger connection and success with your relationships, friends, with your work and with your dream goals.

It’s time to be the director of your ‘play’ once again instead of feeling like a character in someone else’s.


It’s all about the Me Me
Your self-talk says things like:
“Why me?”
“Why doesn’t anyone understand me?”
“I wish someone who would just help me.”
“No one feels the way I do.”

It’s a stage of isolation and/or needing everything to go your way or else you won’t be happy.

Your self-talk says things like:
“If I take her to dinner…then she’ll have sex with me.”
“If he takes the kids to school…then I’ll cook dinner.”
“If she eats her veggies…then I’ll give her dessert.”

Our society works with trade, you pay for services on your car or a haircut etc., but that’s equal. When it comes to your loved ones, the goal is to love for the sake of love.

Love for the Sake of Love
This is unconditional, when we are on this stage we aren’t asking for anything in return.

You are the observer, you are able to see the bigger vision, this is where you are the director and the audience of your play of life.

Love your Enemy
The masters have been here. We’ve seen people like Gandhi live on this stage of life.

You have had glimpses into this stage. When you are able to see the light in someone who is feeling dark on the outside and you are able to see past behaviors you are living on this stage.

When you have that experience — to see beyond human flaws, you can then bridge that ability to all people. You will then be able to see the full potential in all people.


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