3 Ways to Detox your Thoughts

What we tell ourselves becomes our reality.

Have you noticed the voice inside your head?

When you’re walking down the street do you ever say, “I wish I looked like that.”

We must take care of how we speak to ourselves because remember, you are listening.

Watch the video below for my Top 3 Ways to Detox your Thoughts.

1. Clarity — Time to get clear that you have a voice inside your head

2. Choice — You have the choice to train it

3. Consistency — You have to be consistently watching your thoughts

1. Don’t Use Limited Words: All, Always, Never

2. Positive: Use ‘And’ or ‘Yet’ instead of ‘But’

3. Choice: You always have the option of saying ‘No’

4. Ownership: Claim ownership, you are worthy

5. Outcome: Outcome driven so that why you’re doing something

6. Remember: Say “I will remember” vs. “Don’t forget”

Start keeping track of your inner thoughts, it’s time to whip our minds in shape and take control of our emotional flabbiness. This is Conscious Thought Fitness.

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