How to Overcome Fear Every Time

When there is LOVE there is No FEAR.

Emotions override each other depending on your self-talk.

Have you ever been in a conversation where you’re getting dumped on?

Do you have the courage to calmly stand up for yourself or are you overcome with fear and frustration?

Watch the video below to learn How to Overcome this Emotion of Fear.

1. Must be Aware of your inner voice— it’s time to wake up to your self-talk the more

2. Catch your voice– the more awareness you have around what you’re saying to yourself the easier it’ll become to train it and create a voice that supports you rather than derail you

3. Train it– Once you’re Aware and Catching it, you’re able to train it.

To feel emotion, don’t let your internal dialogue engage.
When your self-talk justifies your emotion you will feed the frustration and the fear.

Don’t let someone else’s emotions dictate your life.

“Your thoughts become the home you live in.” -Kerry Lee Smith


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