Is he always on his phone?

Have you ever been talking to someone and they are texting on their phone the whole time?

Is Thanksgiving dinner going to be full of everyone on their phones?

Imagine being in a conversation where the other person is 100{0f6ffb6e648d78545932827feca441ca5a6b9bed2cb139e49ca41c8fbabf0fdc} present, looking you in the eyes, really listening to you and completely supporting you.

Complete presence brings more joy, laughter and happiness.

Would a present and connected Thanksgiving be a different experience than what you’re used to?

Watch this week’s video to master the gift of presence!

I challenge you to go to Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow night with your friends and/or family and BRING your presence.

Give gratitude towards the people around you rather than focusing on food.

Thanksgiving tends to look like:

  • People hiding in the kitchen
  • People hiding out in front of the football game
  • The kids running around outside

Creating the connection is up to us! What can you do to ensure loving and connected exchanges?

Are phones going to be allowed at the dinner table?

Should the T.V. go off while you eat?

Can you keep everyone sitting after the food is gone to just relax and talk?

YOU can be the one to create ultimate presence.

Presence means genuinely communicating from the heart. Presences means truly listening and not preparing yourself with what to say next. 

You are with them fully and completely. 

Give the gift of presence to your family this holiday season.

For creating more inner presence and peace, it’s time to Kick Start your Meditation!

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