Why tolerate Struggling?

Are you OVER struggling in the same repetitive areas of your life?   Do you repeat patterns of behavior somehow thinking you’ll create a different result, yet end up with the same unsatisfying results?

That was me too!

Guess what – you will keep having those weight loss struggles, relationship issues, and/or disappointments with your work until you realize you have the power to change the circumstance.  But how, right?

For me, it’s 5:00pm. Yep.  Sounds crazy, it’s just the time on a clock.  So, why is this a problem for me?  Watch below and you will see why.

So think of an area you wish to improve and write all of the words that describe how you show up in that situation.

  • Do you come ready to fight?
  • Do you have a preconceived notion what the outcome will be?
  • Are you defensive?
  • Do you have unexpressed thoughts or feelings?

Ask yourself, do those attitudes support creating the outcome you desire? If not, write a new set of words and behaviors that describe your ideal outcome.

Beginning with the end in mind changes your life dramatically.

“Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional”  — The Buddha


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