How to BREAK FREE from a Bad Mood in 10 Seconds or Less!

Life is comprised of a series of peaks and valleys. We all know it.  It’s just the way it is.  And that is ok!

And ….  there are some times when you are in neutral or in a funk and you absolutely need to be in a better mood.  For example:

You are going on a job interview…would you rather be upbeat and perky?  – Try my mood booster and see how you feel after.  (Awake, Ready and Alive!)

You are going to hangout with your friends…while friends can be a safe place to be in any mood, it’s also an opportunity to raise the vibe together! (Mood Booster Time and tap into your Joy Juice)

You were just disagreeing/arguing with someone and you don’t want to carry that mood with you for the rest of the day.  Do the Mood Boost and feel the negativity wash off of you.  Feels GREAT!

Crazy and true, it’s up to you!  The good news is, you CAN do something about it that changes your mood and raises your vibration.

Here is how.  Watch this video for my dorky demo of my mood-changer technique.

The first few time you do this you will feel like a complete DORK!  Then you will come to love your dorkiness because the results are so fun and amazing.

10 Second Mood Booster – Here you go!

Joy Joy Joy,


P.S.  It is super fun to do this with a group of people together because you can all laugh at each other and then the vibe gets higher that much faster.

P.P.S. Tell me what your before and after moods are in the discussion below.

Have fun and now go out and Live a Life to Love.

Be Bright.  Be Beaming.  Be Beautiful.  Be YOU!

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