How High Performance Coaching Can Help You Achieve LONG LASTING HAPPINESS

External conditions CAN create happiness, yet TRUE happiness chiefly depends on your state of mind. Which means happiness comes from the conditioning of your mental mind chatter. If you want to know more, read further or get some help with high performance coaching!

Without inner happiness, you become a prisoner of our own inner voice.  You are held captive to justify your pity, froth in our own anger and dwell in your sorrows.  Happiness then becomes a temporary experience through outside stimuli.

Inner Happiness will not be attained if happiness depends on wealth, health or status.  Most people are conditioned to be satisfied with outward happiness and material pleasures yet that defeats the purpose of one’s search for Inner Bliss.

True long lasting happiness has nothing to do with outside stimuli. It comes by being inwardly happy first.

Long lasting happiness is what we all desire, yet why is it SO hard for people to achieve?

Mind conditioning!


Happiness is seeing the blessings that are happening all around you.  Ignorant, unhappy people don’t see the blessings and often they blame their surroundings for their problems.  Don’t make unhappiness your habit.  Train yourself to share your gratitude towards others, smile more and more and create an action plan to break habits which stand between you and your happiness.

1. Environment is stronger than will power

If you hang out with people who complain, blame and are negative, you will become one of those people too! If you’re unhappy, it may be time to look at who, where and what you are doing in life. People’s energy is stronger than you can imagine. Hang with more happy people and you’ll feel happier.  Hang out with someone who is angry and most likely you will get defensive or angry as well.

2. Criticism

Criticism breeds jealousy, anger and judgment. Most people get stimulation by talking and gossiping about others for hours. This gossip is poison to your state of happiness. Train yourself to be humble, use encouraging words to uplift the conversation to stop the gossip and express care and love for others.

3. Mental Optimism

You are what you think so think positive. Energy follows thought, think positive.

4. Meditation

Learn how to still the mind through the practice of meditation. If you need support with meditation, email me at and lets book a 15-minute appointment to see how we can help you start or improve your meditation practice with high performance coaching.

Everyone wishes to be happy, yet there are very few people who are willing put forth the effort needed to attain happiness. If you need help, consider high performance coaching.

“Happiness is the greatest divine birthright — the buried treasure of my soul.  Having found it, at last, I shall be secretly rich beyond the dreams of kings.”
– Paramahansa Yogananda

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