What Is… Inner Wisdom?

Your inner wisdom is the joy beyond your mind and emotions.

When we get caught up in our mind we create chaos, confusion or happiness and excitement. Yet when these emotions are created in the mind, the emotions be it positive or negative will fade away.

Your inner wisdom is YOU!

You are beyond the mind and your emotions, you are divine perfection waiting to be discovered.

It is your birth responsibility to quiet the mind, your inner voice, so that your emotional body doesn’t take over and control your life.

Daily practice of meditation has been proven time and time again to assist us in quieting the mind.

Meditation can be intimidating if you have not done it before. If you have practice meditation before it can be frustrating to sit still and do nothing.

Listen to this simple guided meditation and allow your mind to float away and let us merge into your inner wisdom that is awaiting your arrival

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