Why Wishes Don’t Come True

Wishing upon a star…that’s cute and all, but does it get us anywhere?

A wish is something that you think is unattainable.

It’s time to dig up your wishes in your graveyard of unfulfilled desires and propel yourself forward.

When you WILL something, all the cells in your body ready to make it happen.

Follow these 5 Steps:

1. Think about something you wish you could do/change in your life.

2. Write that wish down.

3. Use conscious language to replace ‘wish’ with ‘will.’

4. Think about the one step you will take TODAY to move you forward with this desire.

5. Now schedule that into your calendar so you can WILL this WISH to fruition.


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2 thoughts on “Why Wishes Don’t Come True”

  1. I am not getting over my ex husband and keep wishing he comes back. I know somewhere it is not a good thing for me though yet I am not moving on. Please suggest how do I move on.. I am single parent, despite he having the equal custody has left the town and not there to support me.

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