My Book is Here!


My book, The SOULution to your Baggage, is ready for YOU for only 99 cents!

When you buy it today, send me the receipt, and you’ll automatically enter at a chance to win a FREE Apple Watch!


The SOULution to your Baggage will show you that there…

IS a Secret to Happiness

What would it be like to wake up to a life where you’re Free to be your True Self?

To wake up and express your Truth in a radical radiant way?

Imagine a life where you’ve:

  • Said goodbye to your baggage
  • Developed deeper connections
  • Ignited the spark of Love in your day to day doings

The secret to happiness is to take control of your Inner Voice.

The secret to unlimited amounts of Joy (Joy that is unaffected by the outside world) is to train your inner thoughts so that you can develop a deep appreciation for the perfection that is YOU.

How do you do this?!

Buy my book, The SOULution to your Baggage to find out!


Sending my Love,

Kerry Lee




Disclaimer: Sparkle Enterprises, LLC  will provide a $349 Apple gift card (the cost of the Apple 38mm Watch Sport). Contest will run until July 10 and the winner will be notified via email.  Sparkle Enterprises, LLC accepts no liability or responsibly for the Apple Watch or consequences of any actions taken with the gift card.

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  1. so happy to real that you also now got your Book out to The World ! I am so prowed and honored to have Met during Brendon’s Weekend in Santa Clara! All the best and a hug from Europe

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