From Heartache to Happiness Part 3

Did you feel loads of love on Valentine’s Day from your spouse and wish that you felt that every day?

Or was it a total bust and you’re looking for tips to improve the connection with your loved one?

How do you create a satisfying relationship that’s full of love EVERY DAY not just on holidays?

On a scale of 1-10 how much are you personally growing in this relationship? And how much are you two growing as a couple?

Do you blame your partner for doing everything wrong?
Are you taking any responsibility for your emotions and triggers?
Do you find ways to personally grow so that you are a better partner or are you always looking for your spouse to change?

On a scale of 1-10 how often are you expressing your creativity? Are you allowing your partner to express themselves?

Do you love yoga and yet in this relationship you don’t take the time away to focus on this passion of yours?
Are you continuing to set time aside for your painting, your surfing, your reading or whatever you might enjoy doing?
If you let this desire fizzle out, the passion for your partner might fizzle with it and unconscious resentment may build.

Check in with your levels in the areas of Personal Growth and Creativity. This is extremely important for you and your relationships.


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