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The Transformational Journey is the evolution forward from The Journey. You must complete The Journey (link the journey) before attending the Transformational Journey. In this level two training you will learn how to continue to live in the light and sustain the change that you found during The Journey Training.

The Transformational Journey emerged from Kerry and Colin’s personal quest for spiritual growth and self development during their hiatus after The Journey was over. They wanted a way to be able to refresh and renew from the daily grind of life. Hence, The Transformational Journey was born.

Following much travel and research of many alternatives, Kerry and Colin have created a powerful and long-lasting way for each of us to learn to deal with the energy that we receive or generate when we have unpleasant interactions, painful experiences or just feel stressed or put upon in our everyday life. Often the work will be one on one, where they have an opportunity to assist participants clarify and let go of their patterns, painful behaviors, and triggers generated by negative past experiences. We encourage families, and those in any form of relationship, to attend Transformational Journey together, if possible, and support each other to let go of self-imposed limitations, blockages, and burdens.

Kerry and Colin will implement their training and intuitive skill in sound healing with priceless Himalayan singing bowls, crystal bowls and giant gongs to assist purification on a deeper level. Sound Healing methodology is without the physically demanding, rigorous, and invasive qualities of some of the purification modalities formerly used.

Ultimately we are all perfect as we are. We just are unaware or unable to access our purity, and divinity. There are veils of pain and past sorrow that preclude us from knowing the Truth of our own Perfection. We can unplug from the self-imposed pain of our circumstances by experiencing ourselves as its cause – and use that realization to simply let go.

At The Transformational Journey you will melt so much pain from your heart and move forward into the Light you already ARE.


You should attend this training if:

  • You have completed the prerequisite: The Journey
  • You have worked through old patterns but still find yourself with a closed heart
  • You would like to communicate better with loved ones
  • You have estranged relationships
  • You're looking for more inner peace
  • Your inner dialogue continues to rule your emotions
  • You would like to repair an old relationship
  • Old habits have consumed your life again
  • You dream of living life full of joy

DATES: The Transformational Journey Training

  • June 6th-9th 2019
  • December 5th-8th 2019

Our commitment to you

Our goal is for you to help you shed the pain from your heart and move forward with a life full of love and light. The Transformational Journey is an inward 4-day intensive training that will allow you to reconnect with what truly matters the most.

You will thank yourself for this gift that keeps on giving.

Love to all,
Colin & Kerry Smith