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I learned practical tools to use in my daily life so I don't carry the wounds from painful challenges. I learned how to identify what was holding me back and release it. It has been six weeks, and I have more momentum and passion to continue on my new journey than ever before. I feel lighter and happier ever since.


I have experienced the beginnings of a transformation and it is allowing me to move past the "beliefs" that limited me in the past. I can feel an opening of my heart and I am experiencing joy. I feel such gratitude for the week that I spent there. It has been the best gift I have given myself and my family.

-Deborah Tweit

Welcome to one of the most renowned self-healing trainings where you will be freed from what has been holding you back from reaching your True potential. You will learn mindset mastery, how to break free from self sabotaging habits, strategies to be more productive and techniques to live an extraordinary life.

The Journey Training • Oceanside CA 

November 14th-18th, 2018

Get ready for the most profound transformation of your life!

The Journey is an immersion training especially designed to launch you into a life filled with greater purpose and meaning.

Do you feel like you want MORE out of your life or that something is missing?

In this training, you will learn how to:

  • Identify and detoxify unhealthy patterns and perceptions that have hindered your growth.

  • Overcome and heal old wounds that cause internal struggles.

  • Strategies to create conscious change.

  • Experience the power of a meditation practice.

  • Learn techniques to focus your mind, cultivate self confidence so that you can make more positive choices in your life.

  • You will reignite that light within you and empower yourself through proven processes.

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Colin and Kerry are passionate about helping others and guiding them into a new direction in their lives.  They work hard on developing a personal, open and transparent relationships with each of their clients, and what their clients say about their services and live events is incredible important to them.  Read the testimonials below to get an idea of the experiences that their clients have had with their services, and get in touch with them today.


Who Should Attend This Training, “The Journey”?

  • If you are ready to rediscover your incredible potential and reclaim your personal power.

  • If you want to reconnect and deepen the connection with the light that is within you.

  • If you have some cobwebs, or issues from the past, that needs clearing out.

  • If you want a better understanding of who you REALLY are and learn practical tools to advance your spiritual connection while accomplishing your daily tasks with more joy and sanity.

  • If you want self mastery and to positively impact those around you and make a greater difference in your life.

You’ll have the opportunity to free yourself from the emotional and mental patterns that are currently  negatively affecting your life. This new found freedom will allow you to reach new heights and levels of success in your life, more than you have EVER dreamed of!

This experientially based training is a blend of guided meditation, transformational breathing, sound healing, and emotional release techniques with ongoing guidance and support from the trainers.

For more information, call Kerry Lee Smith (619) 341-2604 or email

Together, let us create the greatest leap in your life ~ Let us begin your journey!

Our commitment to you!

Our goal is for you to reconnect with the deepest part of yourself and expereince spiritual awakenings, emotional wellbeing and a greater capacity to love and to be loved.

 The Journey is an inward 5-day intensive training that will allow you to reconnect with what truly matters the most.

You will thank yourself for this gift that keeps on giving.

Love to all,

Colin & Kerry Smith

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