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Colin and Kerry Smith, married for over 20 years, are two strong individuals who are passionate about personal growth and the exploration and rediscovering of your true Self. They were introduced to The Journey by Kerry’s mom over 20 years ago and it redefined their entire life journey. The original training was developed in the early 90's and was run by multiple spiritual leaders. In 2018, Colin and Kerry were hand-picked to carry on the torch of transformation and they took it with the deep dedication and desire to help others find their personal spark.

Kerry and Colin are dedicated to your success and they are committed for you to become the best version of yourself, and for you to break through all barriers and achieve anything your heart desires.

Getting to Know Colin

Colin sitting on the ground inspecting some equipment.

Colin was born and raised in sunny San Diego. He learned at a young age how to take care of himself. Life was quite the roller coaster ride during his childhood!

Colin grew up with his brother and they relied on each other to figure things out and create safety. It was a huge blow to Colin, when at the age of 24, his brother left a suicide note and was never seen again. A few years ago, his dad had a stroke and decided to kill himself by driving his car of a huge cliff in Big Sur area. So much pain has taught Colin one of life’s most important lessons: Live in the present and take full advantage of each of life’s moments.

Kerry was the first girl he ever asked out or pursued. It was love at first sight and beyond anything he has ever experienced and continues to this day. In his professional life, Colin was a paid professional surfer for nearly 2 decades. Since then, he has owned and operated a fuel dock. He is a commercial pilot, and has a black belt in Jui Jutsui.

Colin first attended the Journey around 15 years ago. He was incredulous about how much one could change in such a short period of time. The change came from a place of interior being, not exterior knowing. At the Journey he learned that when he clears the random thoughts/desires, then the treasures that always surround us become our new reality. He realized how we all run to the outside world for answers that are not there. We chase the random desires of our mind to attempt to fulfill the yearning we have for inner peace and happiness. But the most important thing that became ingrained in his entire being is that happiness is an inner experience that can be maintained while the world and the people in it are free to unfold and exist as they see fit.

From the Journey he practices a daily routine that includes yoga, 5 Tibian rites, meditation, exercise healthy eating, moment to moment check ins on his current state of awareness. These daily habits have helped him maintain his higher state of being through years and years of life experiences both good and bad.

Colin's strengths include living by example and being a hard worker. He is extremely disciplined and consistent. He has always been called the “persistent pup”! One of his greatest weaknesses is with people who give up on life because they do not believe in themselves. He enjoys motivating people but living a purposeful and joyous life. It is his life goal to continue his spiritual growth and inspire in others to choose a path of their own spiritual growth. Colin would like people to remember him for being someone that never gave up and showed flexibility in navigating life.

Favorite Mantra:
When a thing no longer offends you, it ceases to exist in the old way.

Words of Wisdom:
Happiness is an inner experience and the world is where we get to share it.

Getting to Know Kerry

Kerry inspecting some equipment.

Kerry is the middle child of 5 siblings that consists of three sisters and one brother. Kerry grew up very close to her parents and they were her best friends. Both have recently passed away. Kerry met Colin when she was in high school and they also got married at age 23. They met at the gym where they were both recovering from sports knee injuries. Colin’s injury was from his surfing career and Kerry’s was from soccer. They have built a beautiful life for themselves and have two wonderful boys that fill their lives with joy and challenges.

Kerry was inspired to attend the Journey after her mom attended and came back a completely renewed soul. Joy radiated from her whole being from her experience at the Journey training. It was awe inspiring to witness.

What Kerry experienced at her training was beyond words. It was an inner awakening of what we are all seeking in this human experience. She went to the training to understand who she was and what direction to go in life and she came out not intellectually knowing but feeling who she was in the absolute core of her being! She learned that all she yearned for in life was to cultivate inner happiness that could never be fulfilled with outward desires. It is only filled with inward clarity, stillness and passion for growth. All the answers to all her questions are found by igniting her inner wisdom, which she learned and experienced at The Journey.

Kerry’s morning and evening routines are extremely regimented so that it prepares her mind to be awake and ready for her day. With her practice of meditation, affirmations yoga, clean high dense nutrition, adventure and fun in her day, service to others, working out and spending quality time with her family she is prepared to give it her all ALL of the time.

Her strengths are very simple, she works hard with such discipline, consistency, passion and enthusiasm for life. She is curious and extremely motivated for self improvement. Kerry’s areas of weakness is when people give up on themselves. To motivate others she seeks to understand what they are passionate about and discovers what has worked or not worked for them in their past so that she can assist them to uncover their inner wisdom. In this way they can elevate themselves to their next level. She is very involved with the education for the youth because she believes the better educated our children are, the future of all mankind will improve. Kerry wants people to remember her as a friend who deeply cared and challenged others to be better and grow into and discover their best self. She wants to be remembered as a passionate person who led by example and ignited her own dreams and attacked them with an unstoppable energy force that was super powered by a Divine force.

Favorite Mantra:
I am yours, be thou mine
Om, Christ, Guru

Words of Wisdom:
You were born as perfection and it is your birth responsibility to discover that perfection and to be eternally, truly, happy.

We believe in you!

To make sure that you achieve new heights, Colin and Kerry have been trained by:

  • Tony Robbins
  • Marie Forleo
  • Jack Canfield
  • Cloe Madanes
  • Brendon Burchard
  • Judith Kravitz
  • Paramahansa Yogananda
  • Deepak Chopra
  • Michael Singer

Love to All,
Colin and Kerry Smith